Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anoushka - original drawings

Hello there,

Just thought I'd share with you some photos of my 'mini' exhibition of some of the original illustrations from my 'Anoushka and the Baba Yaga' book. All the works were done with pen and watercolour, and I displayed these at the Ha'penny Flea market last Saturday.  Thanks to all who dropped by and said hello :)  Books are available to buy for Eur 7.50, just drop me a mail at  For more details, see here.

Selection of original drawings from 'Anoushka & the Baba Yaga' at Ha'penny Flea, 28 April

Title page and bonus pic from 'Anoushka & the Baba Yaga'

Close-up of selection of original illustrations

Close-up of selection of original illustrations & book display

'Anoushka & the Baba Yaga' - view of handmade book and notelets

'Yours truly' looking a mite awkward... what to do with arms?...


Fran Johnston said...

Great stuff Sarah. Good to see you're still working away at it. Like the short hair too :) All the best.

Sarah Bowie said...

Aw thanks Fran, lovely to hear from you. Hope you're keeping well and working away at it too :)