Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bridal wear...

A sketch I did this morning at the Chester Beatty - this Manchu bride's elaborate head-dress and poor, lost little face grabbed me. Photographed over 130 years ago, there was something so real in her coming through, stripping the years away and making the moment seem like now.

I can't recommend this exhibition (or the Chester Beatty) highly enough... 'China through the lens of John Thomson 1868-1872'... he manages to convey a real sense of the people and the time. Please go and love the Chester Beatty... a jewel to be treasured.

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James Moore said...

Hi Sarah, got to see China through a Lens with the sketchers, fortunately it is still on - great photos alright.Also we saw The Artist which was fabulous. Nice seeing you and Jason at the Grand Social look forward to collecting that print. All the best with everything, enjoying seeing your work on this blog. Hopefully we'll see you soon no doubt.