Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disinherited... submission for Upstart

A little darker than my usual posts I suppose. This illustration arose out of a series of doodles I've done recently against a backdrop of political, economic and social gloom. I didn't consciously set out to say anything with this, but I think the fact that the boys are all arm-less (for some reason arms just seemed wrong!) in a way expresses the sense of powerlessness people have in this country, especially in areas that didn't do so well during the so-called boom times. Anyhow, it's my submission for the Upstart initiative - the idea is that they'll print off around 500 artworks and display alongside electoral posters during the campaign. Perhaps a small smidgen of truth alongside tired out rhetoric. I'm curious to see how it works out.


Anonymous said...

Great concept Sarah, and you are obviously perfecting your style!
I've noticed it too how the hoodie guys tend to look kind of armless, because they keep their hands in their pockets. It's such a multidimensional point to empathise; also with psychological implications as you have noted.
I like how they have no faces too, just the two dots for eyes. It makes them look cuter, childish, but it also shows that they have no voice.
Hope to see your brilliant work around!

Sarah Bowie said...

Thank you Lucky Fish - you're right that they always have their hands in their pockets. I only consciously noticed this after I'd done the illustration. Thx for lovely feedback :)